props Those little things that set of a costume or look good on the mantle peice. Leather, Stone, Metal, Latex, Foam & Cloth are media
I'm a designer at heart, and love to be creative. In my portfolio you can see examples of my work, and on here is a list of things I'm willing to work on. If your idea isnt listed e-mail me.
I am currently able to use, but if you have others in mind e-mail me and we can work something out. Including the modifiation of Glass
2d artwork
web sites As well as the computer and material arts I also draw and to some degree paint. Generaly I prefer to use pen and ink and keep to a black and white along with grey scale as a pallet. Photography has also played its part in my learning, and I'm an avid user of both 35mm and medium format film stocks.
Since the age of 12 I've been codeing web sites, I took web design at a university level and have helped in the creation of a few web sites from my highschools PE departments, through to advising business's on making their web sites more user friendly.
prices vary depending on complexity
3D design
Recently I've started to look into 3d design and its applications in personal production. Through companies such as shapeways its posible to get anything you have designed made into a solid object, in a variety of materials.
Most notably is that a design printed in wax can be taken to a jewlers who can take a cast and prodice a silver ring
Not being the average height, build, weight, fitness isnt a problem. Some of the above catagories fit me nicely, so to get the perfect costumes for halloween or acting rolls..... yes or a LARP character, I had to learn pritty quickly how to design and make my own costumes. From Barron Samedie (james bond villan) through to a millitary minded half dragon, Ive desinged a lot of costumes over the years for my self and others. costumes
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