Naymar is a character I've played for a couple of years as part of the Isles-of-Darkness games, so when I got the blank body in the post I decided that I would make a little
model of the character. I found some SuperScuply on e-bay for cheap and already had the sculpting tools, so pulling off a small lump of the sculpy I warmed it up in my hands and started to block in the basic shapes that i wanted. This stuff is oven bake clay and I wanted to sculpt in sections so I had to make the areas solid enough to withstand posible over cooking. Choosing wich parts to start with was an easy one, the body, as this meant that the model would be able to stand on its flat head in the overn.
undercoat and close up of the face
into shape. Then for the face I decided on a simple hint of features as I did'nt want it to detract from the over all effect. It was then just a case of painting the model in solid blocks of colour, adding in the little details with either paint or inks then sealing it all with some gloss varnish.
This is the finished painted character click it to see it bigger >
I started with his hoodie and boots, as well as the sculpy I also used some Milliput for the little areas like the cord on the hood and his shirt thats pokeing out from under his top. I used tin foil to rough out what the plan was for the mass of dredlocks the character has, then set about rolling and twisting them
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